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Arbutus Distillery

The Empiric Gin is centered around the merger of classic botanicals such as Juniper and coriander  along side west coast staples such as hops, rosemary lavender  and the unique addition of lemon verbena imparting the gin's citrus tones.  Epically floral yet well balanced.  

Name and packaging are inspired from the historical 'Empiric Death Doctors’ noted to have worn beak-like masks stuffed with aromatic botanicals and said to have used various Juniper based tinctures to ward off such ailments as the plague. Their practices are thought to be one of the early origin myths of Gin itself.

750ml/40% ABV


Baba Yaga Genuine Absinthe is distilled traditionally with grand wormwood, anise, fennel, lemon balm, and mint. Blended to 60%Abv the finished spirit is then rested and steeped in more herbs and botanicals yielding it's natural green/ chartreuse colour. (BabaYaga Absinthe is naturally coloured and therefore a natural chlorophyl precipitate may occur in bottle over time)

Prepare by pouring over ice or blending drop wise slowly with ice cold water to release its herbal oils and develop an opal cloud ('louche').  

TASTING NOTES: Prominent sweet black liquorice, with herbal notes  alongside light citrus and mint. 

BEST ENJOYED: over ice (often as a digestif), paired with sparkling wine (aka 'Death in the Afternoon') or in cocktails to lend anise tones with a 'rinse'

Small-batch copper pot distilled spirit from 100% BC grown and malted barley yielding a rich viscous and smooth vodka with undertones of toast, chocolate & caramel. Distilled with European style techniques to highlight the basic characteristic of the grain (opposed to Western Style) . 

Excellent chilled & sipped on the rocks. 

AVAILABLE in 750ml , 40% ABV



Blue Gin

West Coast Inspired Gin aged in Butterfly Pea Flower.

ElderFlower Liqueur

Notes of Lychee, nectarine and fresh herbs



Owl's Screech Hot Sauce Vodka

In collaboration with the fine folks at Vancouver Island Hot Sauce Company,Owl’s Screech Hot Sauce; Scotch bonnet peppers , cashew & yam, along side garlic and other spices. PERFECT FOR CAESAR"S this summer season